Whether you've been living with Parkinson's disease (PD)
for a while or are a newly diagnosed patient or are a carer of a patient...

You shouldn't have to take the
Parkinson's disease journey alone

Get one-on-one PD education, support, and resources—at no cost.

Our specially trained Advocates can reach out and help
guide you through a more personalized approach to
understanding your treatment and care options.


Have one-on-one

with your
Parkinson’s Advocate
Connect by
telephone and/or
you prefer
Get information
about your
specific questions
and concerns
Matt Wolff, MSW, LCSW
South Central

It’s important to me that people have a full understanding of their medical care and needs as they navigate their healthcare journey. I enjoy working with people to ensure they have the tools necessary to live their best life.”

Margarita Llibre Rogers
Social Worker

I’m here to help people with Parkinson’s disease and their carers get a better understanding of the disease. I help guide people to take an active role with their healthcare team. I answer their questions and do everything I can to help them.”

Cathy DeLave, RN, BSN
North Central

I work to make sure people with Parkinson’s and their carers have the education and resources to cope with the disease at every stage. It’s important for them to have effective conversations during visits with their healthcare team. I strive to help make that possible.”

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The Parkinson’s Disease Advocate Program is not a
replacement for a medical professional, and your
Advocate will not provide medical advice.
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